Our Approach


longstanding relationships

Our wealth management firm, Muirwood Private Wealth builds longstanding relationships with our clients because we see them and treat them as people, not accounts or portfolios. We listen carefully and deeply to fully understand their circumstances and needs, their goals and dreams.

How do I coordinate my family’s goals with the ever changing economic and market forces, tax laws, opportunities, risks, and personal job changes?”

The financial world, especially capital markets, can be overly complex. Furthermore, managing significant wealth can present a particular set of challenges.

Families, investors, and business owners facing these challenges turn to us for guidance to make sense of it all. At Muirwood, we tie it all together, simplify the complex, and offer clear guidance on how to build a smart financial plan for achieving your goals.

We listen carefully

We tie everything together

We simplify the complex

We offer clear guidance

We utilize


Our time-tested holistic planning process that addresses both sides of your balance sheet.

We emphasize

education and

An appreciation for behavioral finance, as our decades of experience have shown us how emotions and biases can impact investment decisions and results.

We are

empathetic with
our clients

Sensitive to family financial dynamics, and proactive to provide smart, tax-efficient solutions.

Through our personal attention, responsive service,
and clear communication around the planning process,
we look to deliver true peace of mind.